The journey

Here's why I am standing to be your Conservative Candidate here in Hendon.

The cost-of-living is challenging right now. Many of you have told me you are feeling the strain. That’s why I’m committed to working hard for Hendon. To support and champion those who are working to support their families, and do what's right by our community.

Because the choice in Hendon is clear. It's between forging a thriving town or opting for handouts and falling standards.

I don’t want to see our residents picking up the bill for new police recruits they don’t get on their streets. Forking out extra money for policies like ULEZ. Or see their high streets needlessly erode away - lost to developments that benefit no-one in our community.

In my plan for Hendon, Hendon thrives. It’s marked by top-performing modern schools for your children, less crime on our streets and successful local enterprises.

I’m sure you want the opportunity for Hendon to prosper too, for it to continue to be a great place to live with excellent local public services available when you need them.

We can’t allow Labour to deny us that opportunity. To hold us back from realising our full potential.