Colindale Station Update – We Won!

Replacement services have been secured!

I'm so happy to be able to report that after all of our campaigning, we have secured an additional bus services on the NL6 route to ensure that when we commute, we can continue our journey towards other stations to get around London more easily.

That's in addition to the already-secured service uplift on the 186, which connects Colindale station with Hendon, Mill Hill and the rest of our area.

And what's more, journeys along either route during the station closure will be free of charge. The NL6 itself will be free, and journeys on the 186 between Mill Hill and Hendon will be fully refunded.

While we shouldn't have to campaign to make TfL acknowledge that they need replacement services when shutting down a route in our community, and we especially shouldn't have had to deal with the chaos in April when the station first closed, we're glad that TfL are finally seeing reason and putting on extra capacity.

Many thanks,


P.S. If you've come here from one of our campaign surveys to protect the station – thank you for your support. Would you also be willing to support our campaign to protect the Broadwalk from the Tower Blocks? We need to keep working to campaign for change in our area.