Support Business and Lower Taxes

Support Business and Lower Taxes

From April this year, millions of workers will have their National Insurance contributions cut from ten per cent to eight per cent, as we make progress on our long-term plan to end the double tax on work.

Taken together with our tax cuts at the Autumn Statement, this will put £900 back in the pockets of the average worker earning £35,400 – ensuring work always pays under the Conservatives.

Whilst we are putting more money in people’s pockets, Labour refuse to back our plan to cut the double tax on work and cannot name a single tax they would cut because they do not have a plan. Their £2.7 billion of unfunded spending promises would take us back to square one, with higher taxes.

And we've been backing British businesses – including freezing business rates and extending the retail, hospitality and leisure relief from 1 April, allowing businesses to focus on their priorities, and cutting VAT for small businesses.

With an economy now on the right track, I want a Government that keeps doing more to put money back into the pockets of hard working families, and finding more ways to support local businesses by reducing the taxes we have to pay.

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